CP Belt

Overall Ratings

Train Density - 4

Accessibility - 4

Photo Opportunities - 4


CP Belt is a series of interlockings that extends for about 3/4 of a mile. CP Belt extends from the former Steam Factory restaurant south to the Clover Farms dairy truck parking lot north. Within this stretch of track are 3 different access points allowing for unique photo opportunities. On the north end of CP Belt is where the Reading and Northern interchange with NS.

On any given day you would expect to see approx. 40 trains past CP Belt. From personnel experience, and review of the train schedule, about half of all trains running past CP Belt run after dark. 

CP Belt runs right along route 61 just north of Reading. 

Location 1 is the north end of CP Belt at the Clover Farms tractor trailer parking lot. 

Location 2 is the parking lot behind Capello Construction. 

Location 3 is the Steam Factory Restaurant parking lot. 

Location 4 is accessed by turning left (when going south on route 61) onto George St then making left into auto repair shop parking lot. Behind the lot is a dirt road that goes right to CP Belt. 

See map for directions.

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