Conrail at the Lehigh Gorge

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Taken at dusk of an eastbound train from head end helpers on a westbound near Tannery - 1980 (Slide)

An eastbound D&H train rolls past as seen from rear end helpers - 1980 (Slide)

The end of the D&H train - 1980 (Slide)

Crossing the Lehigh river near Tannery - 1980 (Slide)

Approaching White Haven tunnel, the steepest part of the grade, as seen from head end helpers - 1980 (Slide)

A view from the top of the Broad Mountain of a southbound train near the Oxbow - 1980 (Slide)

Another view from the opposite side of the Gorge near the Oxbow - 1980 (Slide)

A view from the helpers of the tower lines from which the picture above this one was taken - 1980 (Slide)

Crossing the Lehigh river at Penn Haven Jct - 1980 (Slide)

Between Penn Haven Jct and Rockport - 1980 (Slide)

Another view from head end helpers near Rockport - 1980 (Slide)

The end of the day. Your host at 15 getting off of helpers after round trip to Lehighton - 1980 (Slide)

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