Conrail at Lehighton

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A set of helpers ready to go on the head end of train at Lehighton - 1981 (Slide)

A picture of me at 14 years old having just completed a trip of light helpers out of Coxton Yard from Mountaintop to Lehighton to shove a westbound manifest through the Lehigh Gorge - 1980 (Slide)

Here comes the very long and heavy westbound manifest needing a good shove! - 1980 (Slide)

This set of freshly painted SD45's were my favorite set of helpers working the Lehigh Line  - 1980 (Slide)

The end of the line! This time I got a ride from Allentown to Lehighton. They did stop first to let me off! - 1980 (Slide)

Early morning shots could only be taken from the other side of the old CNJ bridge - 1982 (Slide - Color Correction Bad)

Lehighton was often a place to re-crew trains and one sitting dead on the running track was a common sight - 1979 (Slide)

Another re-crew at Lehighton behind ex PC and EL power - 1980 (Slide)

Above train at Lehighton behind ex PC and EL power - 1980 (Slide)

A whole set of tanks headed east - 1981 (Slide)

What once was! A view of the massive Packerton engine shops - 1982 (Slide)

Another eastbound - 1982 (Slide)

Taken from the old CNJ bridge gives a good view of the train and the interlocking - 1983 (Slide)

One of the very few shots we have of a train running on the ex-LV tracks east of Packerton Jct - 1979 (Slide - Color Correction Bad)

Allentown bound manifest crossing over to get on x-CNJ trackage - 1978 (Slide)

Allentown bound manifest in Lehighton - 1981 (Slide)

In the early days of Conrail, there was no telling what kind of power you would see - 1978 (Slide)

Allentown bound manifest crossing over to get on x-CNJ trackage under x-CNJ bridge - 1982 (Slide)

A set of helpers are destined for the head end of this westbound manifest - 1980 (Slide)

Dusk at Lehighton as both D&H and Conrail manifests wait their turn to head to Allentown - 1982 (Slide)

Another view of above photo - 1982 (Slide)

Me inside of a parked C30-7 test unit at Lehighton - 1980 (Slide)

A late afternoon westbound gets a set of rear end helpers - 1978 (Slide)

A high and wide sits on the siding at Lehighton - 1981 (Slide)

A westbound rounds the curve at Packerton Jct - 1987 (Slide)

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