Erie Lackawanna at Scranton

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Taken from Bridge 60 this photo gives an excellent view of Scranton yard in 1974 (Slide)

Taken from Bridge 60 facing west this photo shows an empty hopper train arriving at Scranton in 1974 (Slide)

The CNJ ran trains to Scranton as shown from the base of Bridge 60 tower (your host in the foreground) - 1974 (Slide)

Eastbound trains from Scranton usually required a set of GP-9 helpers to conquer the Pocono mountains from Scranton to Tobyhanna - 1974 (Slide)

Two more sets of eastbound helpers - 1974 (Slide)

A view of the Scranton engine terminal - 1974 (Slide)

An excellent view of normal yard operations from Bridge 60 tower - 1974 (Slide)

Long gone are the days when a nine year old will view the rails from the Cab of an Erie Lackawanna Locomotive - 1974 (Slide)

Can't beat it! - 1974 (Slide)

D&H passed under the Erie Lackawanna at Bridge 60 - 1974 (Slide)

Two SD45's tow a loaded coal train with will stop to pick up a set of GP9 helpers - 1974 (Slide)

An excited Erie Lackawanna crew stops for this photo from Bridge 60 - 1974 (Slide)

CNJ 3067 at Scranton Engine Terminal - 1974 (Slide)

ex B&O SD35 3066 at Scranton Engine Terminal - 1974 (Slide)

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