CP Laurel

Overall Ratings

Train Density - 3

Accessibility - 4

Photo Opportunities - 2

CP Laurel is one of the most popular railfanning locations in the Reading area due to it's ease of accessibility, relatively good train density, and good visibility from public property. CP Laurel is home to the Reading Technical Societies storage facility for some of it's equipment and home of an original Reading Railroad train station moved from Frackville, Pa.

On any given day you would expect to see approx. 40 trains past CP Laurel. From personnel experience, and review of the train schedule, about half of all trains running past CP Laurel run after dark. Early morning can yield a good concentration of train density however photo opportunities at this time are limited at CP Laurel and relocating to CP West Laurel (just about a half mile west) gives much better photo opportunity for both eastbound and westbound trains. 

The afternoon offers some good train density at CP Laurel but the photo opportunities are limited to westbound traffic (see photo above). Overall, if you simply going to watch trains,  the parking lot of this facility offers a great train watching venue from public property amongst fellow railfans but in my opinion offers little in the way photo (or video) opportunities.

CP Laurel is located on Tuckerton Road between route 61 and route 222 in Muhlenberg, Pa. See map for directions.

CP Laurel can be extended east to include a section of single track that runs along route 222. The accessibility is low in some spots but the photo opportunities are high. This section of track favors eastbound traffic in the early morning and westbound traffic from noon on.

Locations 1 and 2

Take route 61 north to 222 east. There are a few spots along the track that make great photo opportunities. 

Location 3

The street right after crossing the tracks is El Hatco drive. Make a left and go to end of street. Tracks are across field.

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