Our HO Scale Layout - 1/14/11 Progress

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I went DCC but kept my DC blocking and added a DC/DCC switch so my layout is a dual mode DC/DCC layout. The computer desk houses my computer were I can program engines on the programming track.



Last and final version of my intermodal terminal before getting scenery added.



The four tracks closest to the wall can hold an entire train. Here we see right to left a 46 car roadrailer, a 30 car autorack, a 46 car freight train, and a 35 car double stack



A closer inspection of how the terminal might look once finished.



Seen from the rear seeing the four shorter tracks



Here are the four longest tracks



Here is the new track work to extend those tracks



Here is the new track work to extend those tracks



Here is a three track smaller staging yard plus runner



My client jobs, organized to serve you better



Here is my airbrush and photography area.



Here is my micro-milling machine to cut frames and engine weights to add DCC, speakers,  sound and motors!



And finally the junk pile from my massive basement cleanup!


Layout - 12/31/09 Progress



I finally got rid of the Atlas sliders and my entire layout runs on rotary switches



Here is my main layout. The duck under on the far right is removable in case that heater breaks!



Here is my intermodal terminal, 8 tracks in all the longest can hold a 40 car train. It loops around my workshop and returns to my main layout. There is a wye at each end connecting it to my main layout so the direction of any train can be reversed at will. The front wye is visible to the left with the auto-max cars in the center of the wye.



A better view of the front wye.



A better view of the trackwork on the intermodal terminal.....those #8 Shinohara curved switches are EXPENSIVE but well worth it



Here is the rear of the terminal. The tracks go down briefly to single track then open up into a four track storage area and also a 3 track engine terminal.



Here is the 4 track staging area going under one of the shelves of my workshop. The 2 inch pink foam is perfect for this application!



Here it just loops around the workshop and the four tracks go into one to go behind the hot water heater.

An enlarged view.

Closer view of it going behind hot water heater and heater.

I added a second connecting track so i would have two wye's. Due to the tight space I added a switch and a diamond to get the right track curvature.

Looking the opposite way.

Here is the second wye connecting the loop to my main layout. The heater is to the right for reference.

Another view of the second wye.

Here is the switch I just added to get that wye in. By some act of God....it actually worked! that open space will be a giant mountain....someday!

Here is were the other wye loops back to the main layout. that will be a tunnel to the right of the double track....someday!

Looking the opposite way.

A better view of the yard.

That will be a tunnel portal were the coal train comes out from the foam....again....someday!

Older photos below


The final loop between the main layout and intermodal terminal is now completed.



A #5 Shinohara switch was perfect for the connecting track. The track then goes behind the heater.



As you can see the track fits nicely behind both the furnace and hot water heater without interfering with maintenance. This is 2" pink foam board with foam board used as braces glued to the wall with Loctite foam board glue. This foam board shelf is very strong and would literally need to be pried off the wall. Way stronger than necessary to support the train!



There was "just" enough room to fit one track behind the hot water heater. The track connects with a four track staging yard then loops around to the main intermodal terminal.



End of intermodal terminal transitions into a three track staging yard and one track runner for head room. This will eventually loop back to main layout. 

This is the control center of the evil Rinker empire!



Eight track intermodal terminal. The longest four tracks will hold a 45 car roadrailer or a 23 car autorack train. Inner two tracks are mainly for display with onloading/offloading of containers and trucks with various cranes. The first two track in foreground are runner tracks and rear four tracks are staging.




Future loop will be completed by going behind water heater (enough room for one track) and heater then on to main layout.



This is where the loop will connect but I am not sure if I am up for making another wye.



Intermodal terminal with wye connecting main layout to terminal with removable center piece "just in case" the heater needs servicing.



Though way short of being completed you get the picture on the potential of this sectiion by laying out the various equipment and trailer's!!!



Though way short of being completed you get the picture on the potential of this sectiion by laying out the various equipment and trailer's!!!



I assembled, painted, and weathered some of the equipment back in 2007



Here a Kalmar crane handles a container to be loaded onto the next outbound stack train.



Once painted and decaled, this Walther's Mi-Jack crane makes an excellent model!



Layout - 5/7/07 Progress







Layout - 12/6/05 Progress













Layout - 3/29/05 Progress



The yard is now becoming a reality as nine fully functioning tracks are set in place! Work has now begun on the leads to the car shops and engine terminal!



The yard from another angle.



The yard from near track level.



The yard from near track level.



Shinohara triple switches were used to build tracks 4-9.



A picture of the new yard lead allowing me to work a 30+ car train without interfering with main line operations!



Here's my makeshift control panel.  This will all change but I needed to get something together to run the trains and test the track. The switch machines are standard table top since I had a ton of them from my dad's collection. Eventually these will be replaced with under the table tortoise switch machines but at $15 a pop and 15 machines on the table, you can do the math!




Minimum Radius Curve - 42" on main, 33" in Yard

Track - Atlas Code 100 flex track

Switches - Atlas #6 code 100 on main and yard, code 100  # 8 curve switches in yard, code 100 triple switches in yard

Switch Machines (Main) - Old style table top machines (from dad) to be swapped with Tortoise under table machines at later date.

Switch Machines (Yard) - Hand Throws

Bench Construction - 2x3 construction with 7/16th particle board table top

Bench Dimensions - Outside 30" x 8', Inside 44" x 8'

Bench Height - 42"

Bench Design - Eight fully separate benches which are move friendly

Track Base - 1/4" Midland cork with minimum of 3/4" foam base

Electronics - Four power pack DC block set-up eventually going to DCC

Maximum Grade - 2%

Grade Construction - Woodland Scenics Risers

Walkway Width - 44"



Schematic on how to operate four power packs on one layout!



A portion of the engine collection!


Layout - 3/7/05 Progress

Updated track plan with extended yard lead so a whole train can work the yard without interfering with mainline operations.



The main progress since 2/13/05 has been the completion of the double track main and yard layout. In this shot you can see from left to right the two main tracks, yard runner, and the first three of nine yard tracks in place and wired.



In this shot taken from the opposite end of the layout, I penciled in were the remaining yard tracks will be as well as the car shops and engine terminal. These yard tracks require expensive triple switches to conserve space.



Here is a shot of the section were my triple track goes to double. I have one long controlled siding which will hold about fifty cars. 



A brief look at the bench work. The bench work is constructed of 2x3's with 7/16th particle board on top. All track sits on a minimum of 3/4" foam and then 1/4" cork. I built plenty of storage under the bench work essentially "clearing" out the remainder of my basement making it "wife" friendly :-)



A shot of the section planned for a small business strip. The controlled siding serves as a nice spot for a passenger station! The 2" foam at the edge of the table will be glued in soon!



What layout doesn't have a grade crossing? We have it penciled in the scheme!



Layout - 2/13/05 Progress

As you may have noticed, I have not posted many pictures this past month which has been due in part to my extensive work on my new HO scale layout. Here are some shots where I stand as of tonight. As you can see, my son was very eager to break out the cars, engines, and buildings! The layout is a double loop of double/triple track with two sets of single crossovers and one set of double crossovers. The middle portion of the layout (24' x 16') is going to be a big freight yard (see Track Chart above).