Examples of  Model Freight Car Graffiti


I proudly use Blair Line graffiti decals as I have found these to be the absolute best in their ability to mold and adhere to many complex shapes found on boxcars and autoracks. Below are some examples of freight cars I have weathered and graffitied and how to best apply the decals in each case.


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Example 1 - Athearn RTR UP ARMN refrigeration car





Example 2 - Walthers CN Autorack






The above photo is an example of how graffiti decals look when applied properly to an autorack. The decal is first applied then cut once semi-adhered to the car at each spot were there is a natural brake in the panels. this also helps the decal adhere better. The final result is a decal that does not look like a decal but rather like it was painted on the car.





Example 3 - Santa Fe Walthers Autorack







Example 4 - Canadian Pacific (CP) Walthers Autorack









Example 5 - CSX Intermountain Covered Hopper









Example 6 - Exact Rail TTX FBOX Boxcar







Example 7 - Athearn Genesis Automax Auto Carrier








Example 8 - CP Proto 1000 Newsprint Boxcar






Example 9 - UTLX Walthers Gold Line Tank Car







Example 10 - NS Walthers Gold Line Boxcar