CP SD40-2 Detailing and Fiberoptics Lighting

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Video of lighting is found at links below





Prototype Photos  


Parts (Highball Graphics)  


Parts List


Ditch lights - Details West 235-229 or Miniatures by Eric L-1

MU hoses - Detail Associates 229-1508

Train Air Hose - Details West 235-268 

Crew Members - Broadway Limited Imports

Bell - Miniatures by Eric B-2

Lug Bolts - Miniatures by Eric L-1

Sinclair Antenna - Miniatures by Eric A-1

Winterization Hatch - Miniatures by Eric H-12

Sand Hatch - Miniatures by Eric H-6

MU Box - Miniatures by Eric S-4

Grab Irons - Detail Associates 229-2202

Eye Bolts - Detail Associates 229-2206

Fan Grab Iron - Detail Associates 229-2217 

Lowlight - Details West 235-290 or Miniatures by Eric L-7


Prototype Photos



Note - To fit marker lights above number boards on "stock" Kato units is not possible as the number boards are centered. Miniatures by Eric sells the correct number boards to fit the marker lights.




Note - CP has two types of winterization hatches. The old style is shown above and is the one going on  #5864. It has no piping.



Note - The hatch above is the "new" style and has visible piping. This is the one going on #5904.



How was it done?


Part 1 - Ditch Light Installation







Note - LED replaced with Minitronics Yellow-glow LED



Note - Make lens by heating end of fiber optic cable. It will "mushroom" a bit and fit into ditch light casting.




Notes - Ditch lights are at "maximum" width. Castings were added then drilled out. It is best to add MU hoses and cut bar BEFORE running fiber optic cable.




Part 2- Lowlight installation



Note - Remove cab and light bar. Add BLI painted figures to cab interior. It works best to work on removing headlight casting with cab off the main section.





Note - Miniatures by Eric makes a better casting that I found AFTER doing this model. I would direct you to use his instead.





Note - The rest of the details shown at top of page were added once the lighting was completed.