Kato UP C44-9W #9564

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Tsunami Sound Installation Instructions for Kato C44-9W


List of Materials (purchased with confidence from Ulrich Models)


- Tsunami AT1000 Board with GE FDL-16 sound (1)

- QSI Mini oval speaker (1)

- QSI Mini oval speaker enclosure (1)

- 470ohm resistors (2)

- Sunny white micro LED's for ditch lights (2)

- Minitronics 3mm yellow-glo LED's (3)

- Kadee #58 couplers (2)




1. Remove handrails from both sides of locomotive as they may get damaged during shell removal.


2. Remove couplers and coupler pockets and remove air reservoir tanks from bottom. 


3. Carefully remove entire shell (both cap and walkway portion). 


4. Once shell is removed, mark were the LED's sit on the metal frame then remove old board and all electrical contacts. 


5. Insert board into tabs over motor and solder all truck wires and motor wires onto correct tabs. 


6. Drill a hole into the side of the mini oval speaker enclosure. Solder two small wires onto speaker then fish wires through hole and snap speaker into enclosure. 


7. Solder mini quick connectors onto the speaker leads and onto the speaker tabs on board.


8. Put a small piece of double sided tape onto bottom of speaker enclosure and put on shell slightly in front of board on frame with speaker facing down towards frame.


9. Solder a 470ohm resistor onto each of the common tabs on the tsunami board.


10. Solder LED's to board so front of LED's go to marks on frame made when removing old board. 


11. Cut ditch light light bar as shown in photo back to were the two individual bars are molded to one piece. Sand the cut ends flat and glue one micro LED onto each light bar with CA. Once dry, cover with shrink wrap  (but do not heat!!!!!).


12. Solder one set of ditch light leads onto front lighting tabs with resistor (common) then solder one ditch light lead onto F5 tab and other onto F6 tab.


13. Tape capacitor wire in half as shown below and sit capacitor on tsunami board.


14. Program to road number and test all lighting. 


15. Insert shell on frame.