M.T.A.A. Opening Day Ceremonies 4/29/06 

Panoramic view of the 2006 MTAA opening ceremonies.

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Dr. Theresa Haught makes some opening remarks at the MTAA ceremonies



Members of the Knee-Hi team Minnesota Twins look on at the opening ceremonies.



Members of the Knee-Hi team New York Yankees also look on at the opening ceremonies.



Radio personality Jackie Hoffman from Y-102 makes a few opening remarks as Y-102 was on site to promote the event with a carnival and an evening baseball game featuring the Y102 staff. Jackie is holding her "Kiss a Pig" fundraiser for the Olivet Boys and Girls club and more info on how you can help is at her website.



Members of the Tee Ball team Rockhounds represent the younger kids in MTAA baseball.



Former MTAA president Kurt Sloan was on hand to encourage the new MTAA "administration" as the "torch" has been passed to the next generation of coaches and boosters.



Members of the Knee-Hi team Baltimore Orioles also look on at the opening ceremonies.



Former MTAA alumni and Kutztown head coach Chris Bloom was also on hand for the event.



County Commissioner Tom Gajewski shows his support for MTAA athletics while state representative Dante Santoni presented a check for $10,000 to the MTAA (photo not available)!



Current MTAA President Richard Hoffmaster announces the winner's of this year's raffle as well as presenting plaques in honoring MTAA supporter's.



John Vaccari, head of the MTAA bingo hall makes some final remarks at the ceremony.




Ground level views from home plate.