M.T.A.A. Fall Ball 2005 

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2005 M.T.A.A Fall Ball Junior Division Squad



Jeremy Checo (#15) Alex Gibson (#6) Keaton Hain (#31)

Jordan Jeter (#8) Joshua Kline (#9) Kyle Leibensperger (#28)

Cameron Mengel (#22) Joshua Nanna (#3) A.J. Pizzo (#17)

Dereck Redcay (#4) Joshua Rinker (#14) Zak Snow (#19)

Nick Wanner (#5) Cole Wixon (#2) Coaches and Team Pictures

2005 M.T.A.A Fall Ball Junior Division Schedule

Date Opponent Location Time Score
Friday, September 9th Mifflin-3 M.T.A.A. Field 6pm Mifflin 8, Muhls 3
Saturday, September 10th Mifflin-2 Mifflin-2 1pm Mifflin 10, Muhls 9
Friday, September 16th Mifflin-1 M.T.A.A. Field 6pm Muhls 13, Mifflin 5
Saturday, September 17th Spring Twp-1 Spring Twp-1 1pm Muhls 8, Spring Twp 6
Friday, September 23rd Spring Twp-2 M.T.A.A. Field 6pm Muhls 13, Spring Twp 3
Saturday, September 24th Tulpehocken M.T.A.A. Field 1pm Muhls 11, Tulpehocken 5
Saturday, October 1st Tulpehocken Tulpehocken 1pm Tulpehocken 9, Muhls 7
Sunday, October 2nd Spring Twp-1 M.T.A.A. Field 2pm Muhls 9, Spring Twp 4
Friday, October 7th Kutztown Kutztown 6pm Cancelled
Sunday, October 9th Mifflin-3 Mifflin-3 2pm
Saturday, October15th Kutztown M.T.A.A. Field 1pm Cancelled
Sunday, October16th Mifflin-2 M.T.A.A. Field 2pm
Sunday, October 23rd Mifflin-1 Mifflin-1 2pm