Reading Yard

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NS Property!


Train Density - 2

Accessibility - 1

Photo Opportunities - 1

Reading Yard is located in the city of Reading. Due to the high crime rate in the city of Reading, the general inaccessibility of Reading Yard from public property, and the swiftness of NS police to remove you from NS property, Reading yard has very limited railfanning possibilities.  

The two exceptions to this is are CP Oley, which is accessible from the Reading Outer Station outlet parking lot and the very north end of the yard, which is accessible from business route 222 behind the Comfort Inn. At this location it is possible to get some photo's as trains work the very north end of the yard. 

The three control points in downtown Reading are CP Oley, CP Walnut, and CP Center. CP Oley is where trains departing on the south end of Reading Yard are aligned to go either east towards CP Titus (45a, 49g, 44a, HOR) or west towards CP Wyomissing Jct (10a, 11a, H33, H31). CP Walnut controls traffic that would either go into Reading Yard from CP Titus or continue west towards CP Wyomissing Jct. CP Center controls traffic that will either bypass Reading Yard going east towards CP Titus or enter Reading Yard.

When the belt line is congested traffic is run through Reading past CP Walnut and CP Center over the "high line" to CP Wyomissing Jct. It is a rare event to see through traffic run into Reading from CP Belt over the "high line" but on a rare occasion this does occur. 

Trains that work Reading are:

34m - Edgemoor to Allentown (has blocks for Allentown, Reading, and Conway)

10a - Pittsburgh to Reading (has blocks for Edgemoor, Camden, and Reading)

11a - Reading to Pittsburgh (handles Conway blocks set off by 34m and 39g)

39g - Camden to Allentown (has blocks for Allentown, Reading, and Conway)

35a  - Allentown to Camden (has blocks for Reading, picks up Camden blocks from 10a)

HR12 - Yard Job

HR25 - Yard Job

HR45 - Yard Job

HR61 - Yard Job

H31 - Reading to Hershey local

H33 - Harrisburg Line local

H37 - Reading to Birdsboro

H89 - Reading to C&F Branch

H47 - Reading to Alburtis

H49 - Beltliner

HOZ - Reading to Pottstown

PRL- Reading to Sinking Springs

Reading and Northern - One arrival and departure to Port Clinton per day

The north end can be accessed by making a left at the Comfort Inn off 222 North coming from the city of Reading. There is a trucking company behind it and the tracks are right there. CP Oley and the Spring Street yard is right off of Spring Street. Take route 222 south to Spring Street and make a left. The yard entrance is to the left and the public parking access via the Reading Outer Station outlets is to the right. See map for directions.

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