The book of the Song of Solomon contains hidden in allegorical form a divine love story between Jesus Christ and His end-time bride. It is said that “love conquers all”. In this book we find how the love of Christ for His maturing bride literally “conquers” her heart. It is His everlasting covenant with her that “transforms” her, as we will see by the end of this book, into a pure and spotless bride.


This love story is a spiritual road map of sorts that lays out for us our walk on that “narrow path” that leads to righteousness. Within this book we find how the King deals with and teaches the bride to overcome the obstacles that hinder their love relationship. Along with the King’s chastening is revealed the thoughts and intentions of the heart of Christ. The fact that He does chasten the bride to raise her up  is balanced by the way the King goes about “drawing” her in, which we will find is through His love, compassion, and mercy.


The most important message that we will find contained in this book is learning God’s WAYS. Knowledge only becomes of any real value if it is contrasted with wisdom. And if you only get one thing out of reading this book I pray it would be to get a glimpse of God’s ways, which are a manifestation of His wisdom.


Psalms 103:7 He made known His ways unto Moses, His acts unto the children of Israel.


There is much depth within the Song of Solomon as well as many different meanings concerning each verse of this glorious book. It is not the goal of this writing to go through all the different meanings of each verse nor is it the goal to be “comprehensive” in this study. I consider this study barely an outline and much is left up to the reader in allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to you as individuals. This experience I will not rob you of.


Finally, the interpretation of this book is solely  what I believe I have been shown by the Holy Spirit. Since the word of God is written “line upon line, precept upon precept”, there can be many different meanings and applications to each verse. If the Holy Spirit is revealing something completely different to you concerning a certain passage of scripture in this book, PRAISE THE LORD! The goal of this writing is not to lay forth THE meaning of the Song of Solomon but to hopefully be an “initiator” that sparks a new level of passion and desire for the Lord Jesus Christ and contrast what which the Lord has already been showing you.


Most of all, open your heart to the Lord as He wishes to unveil His overwhelming love for us as He seeks to draw us into intimacy and passion with Him and raise us up as His pure and spotless bride for that soon to come marriage supper of the Lamb.


All scriptures KJV unless otherwise noted. The numbers in brackets [ ] are the Strong’s concordance reference numbers to the hebrew words.


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