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Here is a compilation of excellent websites which expose the truth!


Chris Gerner's website Amerikan Expose is heavy into Agenda 21, the NWO plan to convert America to a mostly Agrarian society!


Dr. Stan Monteith has a daily radio program on the internet talking on various topics from health and nutrition to monetary issues to government conspiracy. Lots of interesting information can also be found at his website.


Alex Jones is literally an army of one, exposing the NWO agenda on a variety of fronts. His two websites provide a wealth of information but his daily internet program is must listening!


Jeff Rense has a website dealing with topics of a wide variety but specializes in the paranormal. He also has a daily internet show.


George Noory took over Coast to Coast AM from Art Bell a couple of years ago and has done an excellent job at bringing guest on the show discussing a variety of interesting topics.


Stan Johnson has a website called The Prophecy Club. His internet program deals with topics which expose the truth behind current events and NWO plans from a biblical perspective.


 David J. Smith has a website called NewsWatch Magazine in which he deals with various topics from bible teaching to NWO conspiracy and history. He also has a radio program which is archived at his website!