Los Angeles Judgment Release on June 17th 2008

Jim Rinker


Archived prophetic words and bible teachings from the Mercy Seat Fellowship

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A Letter to UBM and Mercy Seat Fellowship on June 17th release of Deuteronomy 28 curses


I wrote you over a month ago to get some prayer covering for a task the Lord had me do while I was in Los Angeles in June. I am submitting all this to UBBS and to whomever you would see fit to judge. On June 17th (this was date specific) myself, my wife, and my son went up to a point near the Hollywood sign in the Hollywood hills. To describe the location, the Hollywood sign was directly behind us and directly in front of us was a clear view of the skyscrapers of downtown Los Angeles. The exact spot would be on the mountain in the foreground of the photo below.



Now, keep in mind I was never at this spot....never saw this spot. When we got there, there was a gate blocking the access road. It just "happened" by chance that there was a photo shoot just ending and the gates were open and we just walked up the dirt access road. It was 8pm and I still was not completely sure whether I was suppose to read all the curses of Deuteronomy over Los Angeles so as we got out of the car and began to walk to the spot I asked the Lord for a sign. When we got to the spot shown above, a full moon was rising just over the LA skyline. I am an IDIOT for not getting a picture but I did find one on the web to give an idea of what it looked like from this spot.



So we read Deuteronomy 28 from verse 15 to the end....basically all the curses. Prior to going out to LA, I was doing an internet search of what else was happening on June 17th. One very compelling event was the release of Judas Priest's album Nostradamus. The song titles are below:


1. Dawn of Creation

2. Prophecy

3. Awakening

4. Revelations

5. Four Horseman, The

6. War

7. Sands of Time

8. Pestilence and Plague

9. Death

10. Peace

11. Conquest

12. Lost Love

13. Persecution


Songs DISC 2:


1. Solitude

2. Exiled

3. Alone

4. Shadows In the Flame

5. Visions

6. Hope

7. New Beginnings

8. Calm Before the Storm

9. Nostradamus

10. Future of Mankind


As I read this, I got the impression that there were things that the demonic realm wished to release on America and that it was only God's protective hand that was hindering this. Note the release date of the album and the release date of the pronouncement of curses in Deuteronomy 28 over LA are the same date!


The name of the album is Nostradamus. This is a prophet but not a prophet of God and is most famous for his visions of end time apocalyptic events. Judas was a disciple of Christ who became corrupted and turned from the ministry. Like I said before, the initial impression I got was that this was the demonic plan of destruction to be unleashed on America.


I was listening to Matt Stephen on your UBBS update back in June after I got this word to go to the Hollywood sign. A few days before I went out to LA I called Matt and told him what the Lord wanted me to do and asked him his impression. He told me the Lord specifically told him he needed to be back at home June 17th as he was traveling back June 16th. He was back for about a week then went on this massive tour were he began to "release" all of these "judgments" on America, many of which he claims he saw in dreams/visions from God happening.


This did not sit right and as I just recently listened to him on "the edge" and heard him speak about striking the waters of the Mississippi and they overflowed two weeks later I got the impression that he ENJOYED releasing these judgments.


Here is my point. The judgments he is releasing are demonic from the second heaven and not from the Lord. It is true that the Lord has began to pronounce all the curses written in Deuteronomy 28 as he had us do on June 17th but I have got to tell you that I was grieved over the whole thing.


He's not! 


This makes me question the SOURCE of all these dreams/visions and the map he drew is all second heaven stuff? He was at KC fellowship and around Bob Jones, Paul Cain and along with Joyner. After following these guys in the 1990's and looking back it is apparent to be that their source of information is NOT God and that somehow it's divination.


 I had a vision before I went up to the Hollywood sign that I was confronting witches who were elated that the judgment was being released. I rebuked them in the name of the Lord for their defiled motives and told them that God was soon going to judge them once He was done judging the church and America and that they were only being used as pawns to bring about God's negative plan.


The difference between the release of the Deuteronomy 28 curses I read on June 17th and the release of DEMONIC curses released by Judas Priest is that the Lord's curses are meant to bring America and the church to repentance while the demonic curses are simply meant to destroy. I have heard both Matthew Stephen and Stephen Benning give many "no hope" prophetic words leading me to believe that they are being used to release an evil "no hope" demonic onslaught on America and the church.