The Lakeland Trap - Stay Out of the Coming Civil War!

Jim Rinker


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This is a reply to Mike Russo on an article by Andrew Strom concerning Lakeland. We have been warned as a fellowship to STAY OUT of the Lakeland issue as it is becoming clear it's a trap! We are thus remaining on the sidelines so we will be able to minister to those wounded in the coming civil war in the church. 


Now, lets go through this a bit and see if we can't pull any insight from all this (my comments below in yellow). 


 As we already know, I don't endorse getting too involved in the Lakeland issue, simply because TOO many pull for a side that in my honest opinion has little to do with truth.  Concerning Andrew Strom, (the one who wrote the article below) I was disappointed in Andrew (as I would and have been myself) because he moved here looking to be part of revival, but perhaps resisted partaking in the kind of sufferings that would produce a peacemaker who is faithful and true with the truth. 


This reminds me of a vision someone had where they saw some people follow Jesus all the way to the very top of the mountain. At the top of the mountain there was a drab green tent. They took one look around the top of the mountain then left. Inside the tent was the ark of God but they stopped just short of going into the drab tent. why? Because of expectation! Perhaps the GREATEST pitfall we will all face is what we EXPECT true revival or maybe better put this end time revival to look like. 


Our expectations are idols which MUST be removed or we will be answered by God in Ezekiel 14 manner! Most in Jesus time have quite different expectations of their messiah and completely misses "the time of their visitation". Sorry to say but it appears as if Andrew may have certain expectations that have become idols. You know revival itself can be an idol! 


I had thought he fled and resisted any bad appearances, for the sake of saving his life and ministry. Moving from Kansas City to Wisconsin, to California then back to New Zealand. In any regard, I have hopes he will end up there, In the Lords seasons just like any of us. 


My comment on this would be too long so I'll skip it.


That said, I feel it would be ok to discuss the pro's and con's of each issue as ones who SEEKS to be peacemakers for two sides of the fence. MANY sheep's and Lambs are getting caught in the middle. 


Well for those of us who were once in that position it should be obvious by now that being tossed out of the institutional church was painful but necessary as we would have simply remained in Babylon. We needed a forcible (and painful) boot to get us to leave for OUR SAKES. Many more will be "wounded" but this is necessary unless they want to partake of her judgment and a testimony that they are true disciples or else the whore would have no reason to attack them. This is the reason you Mike got that word to sit and rest. We can't (and should not) do anything to stop this next shaking as it is to shake free the remaining wheat! 


The article below shows some things that I strongly agree with concerning the NO, NO's and as well as the  fleecing for money and constituent that is now being orchestrated and divided up in this grand finale debacle. CALL it "the round up." 


So all this goes back to "expectations". I remember in Joyner's Hordes of Hell vision that he saw an ambushement by the enemy on a multitude in God's army (maybe this is a picture of the civil war we are about to see) by demonic forces. It was pride that blinded them to an enemy that stood in front of them which blinded them of an enemy that should have been obvious. Anyhow, Joyner wanted to shout to warn them but Jesus simply turned to him and said "you can't stop this" and the whole company of warrior's were taken captive. 


So, what are we expecting God to do concerning Lakeland? Destroy the false? Get rid of the current false leader's? Send prophets in there to pass judgment on it? See, if we set that idol up in our heart the Lord will answer us according to it (Ezekiel 14) and we will then be blinded to the AMBUSHMENT. 


THE thing about this is that many big names and ministries (who openly endorsed  and commissioned Todd Bentley as well as the Lakeland revival) try to run from what they have already been involved with WONT make it far. Let's go into the article shall we. 


 Andrew Strom.
 [With huge thanks to RevivalSchool member 'SoulDan' for his help].    First, let me start by saying that Robert Ricciardelli has been  incredibly bold and courageous in speaking out on this issue in  recent days. He is one of the very few from NAR circles who have   dared to speak up - firstly on blogs and on the radio - and even on   our own Forum at, etc. Robert is a member -   a 'marketplace apostle' in Peter Wagner's 'International Coalition   of Apostles' (ICA). He is the real deal. For him to speak out   about Lakeland is a very brave act indeed. Plus he is a Charisma   Magazine writer and a friend of Lee Grady.


So we have an apostle with Peter Wagner's official oky doky on him and Andrew using people to prove his point when they agree with him. Big names bring about big support! You know what Baalim's problem was?


First God told him NOT to go prophecy then later He told him to go but only if he would speak the words He told him to speak. Guess what, God DIDN'T change His mind somewhere along the line! He answered Baalim according to that idol in his heart the second time!


Fast forward to Peter and Jude and they both confirm that baalim went for GAIN! When the ark was taken by the phillistines and then returned to Israel with the golden mice many looked into the ark and the lord slew 70,000 (or so). What were they looking for? God?




So why are some opposing Lakeland?


Why are there gang wars in LA? It called turf war over money!


Think about it! The pie is only so big and their using these people for gain. So we have some for and some against and both sides need funding to "fight the good fight". So I am not misunderstood I am not referring to those nameless and faceless ministries trying to help people out by exposing Lakeland but rather those ministries afraid of loosing their flock!


The root of this is FEAR and it's origin is the SIN OF JERABOAM!

This sounds like the republican vs. democrat issue with a lot of mud slinging and convincing of their followers that they are out to stop the enemy (a liberal if your a conservative and visa versa) while all the while they are fleecing the American people!


Same concept!

Last week on July 14th Robert was a guest on Radio KGNW -  where he spoke of how he had just come back from Lakeland, and  told of his deep concerns and the background research that he   had been doing. On July 16th he commented on one Internet blog:   'Truth is there are very few people being healed in Lakeland. I have worked with Charisma Magazine editor Lee Grady in   discovering how many false reports have been released as facts.   These are our brothers and sisters involved in this, but this move   of God has been a move of men with God still touching some   who come to seek Him.'
 On another blog he wrote: 'Charisma reporters and a few others   like myself have tried to get these verified and cannot... We actually   had offered to help, because any news of a resurrection in my   opinion is world news if it can be validated. But then when the   totals continued to mount which led to hype and embellishment,   they began to ask us to stop asking questions. Hmmmm?
 'Friday night, Todd said that God said there were 1000 people that   were to give $1000, and they were to receive a 1000 fold blessing.   The one hour drama on this giving subject was so deceptively   evident that it was embarrassing to watch. On top of that, those   that would give that money were able to come to the platform to   be recognized.'


So, warn the conservatives out there about the "evil" liberal agenda and how you intend on stopping them from "destroying America" and you have got instant and loyal subjects to fund your noble cause. Both sides are doing this and have turned it into a pretty lukarative business. But they need to keep demonizing the enemy because if there is no real enemy they the funding stops.

 Am i making any sense here?


This has the making of a true ambushement by Satan here. I am not going to go into the rest as it just further solidifies my point.

Concerning the 'Resurrections' in Lakeland, Robert wrote: 'We   have investigated the 20 plus 'raised from the dead' claims as we   want to report them to the media, and they cannot be verified, but   were only called in, or sent in from an email. This is not responsible  reporting, and leaves many questions, which also adds to the   claims of hype and embellishment.' [~Robert Ricciardelli blog   comments - '' & '']
 The hour-long broadcast that Robert did on KGNW is also causing  quite a stir as it does the rounds on the Internet.    On our own Forum at, Robert publicly added   the following comments:   


 'Peter Wagner and Chuck Pierce nominated me as a marketplace   apostle 6 years ago. I threw the title away before I ever got it. I am   not into titles, but I am into functions. The Lord told us 'yes' to   engage, and He was going to show us some truth in the process.   Being engaged has given us a great oportunity to see the good,   the bad, and the ugly of the apostolic/prophetic movements. The   biggest thing along the way is the friends and associates we have   met that have a biblical worldview much the same as we do...
 'After this year we will pray about next year and so far it looks   like the Father is giving us a sense that we may not to be a part   of the ICA if Peter and the leadership do not reconsider their   impromptu decision to jump into the Lakeland stream, when many   of us warned him not to. It was a mistake to coronate, when they   needed to father and correct Bentley from the direction he is   heading others into. It just put more fuel in his errant tank.     'I am praying for Todd, because he really is an evangelist, and he  is a gifted evangelist. But he cannot go on embellishing, speaking   untruths, hyping, manipulating, shoving, kicking, slapping, leg   dropping, and bamming his way on the pulpit without consequences.  God will not be mocked, and Todd and others must answer to Him   for everyone led astray.
 'The biggest thing about Lakeland is the lack of the fear of our   Awesome God, lack of repentance and humility. Many have   exchanged the truth for a lie and chosen experience over content.   Angels, trances, and 3rd heaven focus has replaced the gospel   as a focus... Lord do what only you can do to bring your divine   alignment to all of us in Jesus name..' [-end quote]     I took note of the fact that Robert said that 'many' had warned  Peter Wagner not to jump into the Lakeland stream. I also noted   that Robert seemed to be saying that he himself may leave the   ICA over this issue. I thanked him publicly for his courage in   speaking out, and asked him if there really was a lot of disagree-  ment even within Wagner's own movement?
 Robert replied:  'To answer your question, yes there is at least a dozen ICA   members that I know of that are extremely concerned at Peter's   endorsement and more to follow as the nonsense continues. The   transferring of anointing, the focus on man bringing anything but   the gospel is amazing and sad.... if Peter Wagner, Bill Johnson,   and some distinguished members of the Who's Who in Charismania   say it is all good, then people just go with it. Some have begun to   see the YouTube and other information and begun to change.   Some go as far as to claim it as deception, others say it is a   move of God that needs correction.
 'It is my opinion that it was man orchestrated and demonically   influenced from the very beginning. The worship has been good   and Roy Fields is an awesome worship leader, so many in the   worship and even watching from afar can sense God in the worship   of His people. The truth is God has been engaged in the worship   and has touched and healed some. This is why it has been so   confusing to some. I have heard that Roy Fields has stated a few   times that when the worship ends, God's presence leaves the   platform, and then Todd Bentley operates void of His presence.   That is why most all of what they have claimed cannot be verified,   because it just is not happening.   

 'We have heard a few people getting well, being touched and so   on. There is a church here in North Carolina that brought 27 sick   down there for a week. Some with cancer, leukemia, diabetes   and such. None got healed and most were worse when they   came back. The emperor is not wearing any clothes and the truth   must be known. Many are claiming that Todd is the new thing   that God is doing. The fact is he is still operating in the old thing,   and operating with less integrity and character than the previous   one man shows.
 'God is about nameless and faceless people who are operating   without any agenda but the Lord's. Preaching about the King   and His Kingdom, and moving supernaturally after Him, and as   they do, signs and wonders follow. The problem in Charismania   is that they seek the sign, they seek the thrill, they seek the   craft supply quality gold dust, feathers and gems. They may get   the chills and frills, but leave with nothing more than goose bumps   and really little spiritual change. When they seek the King, the   Kingdom of God and His righteousness, you begin to see   transformation take place at the heart level. This is God's way   and always has been... Bentley is just a product of the Charismatic/  apostolic/ prophetic trending away from Plumb line truth. At the   same time the fact is, none of us amount to much, no not one.   But in Him and dying to self and living His agenda, we can move   mountains... The church is getting there, I wrote an article for   Charisma that everything that can be shaken is being shaken,   and this is what is happening in a great way right now...' [end quote]
 Friends, please write to Robert encouraging him if you can for  the courageous stand he is taking.    See more of his comments + links to his article & radio show   on the 'Scrolling Forum' at the following website (main page) -
 God bless you all,
 Andrew Strom.