CP Leisey

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Train Density - 4

Accessibility - 2

Photo Opportunities - 4

CP Leisey (Valley Jct) is where the Belt line around Reading meets the Reading line. The main going into Reading runs above and goes over the Schuylkill river. CP Leisey offers many unique photo opportunities due to the "cut" going from the belt line up the connection to CP Wyomissing Jct. In addition, many empty coal trains and steel slab trains are held at CP Leisey to recrew or wait for a train to clear the connection thus offering instant photo opportunities if one sees a train stopped.

On any given day you would expect to see approx. 15 trains past CP Leisey. This location can provide some nice photo opportunities.

CP Leisey is located off of route 422 east and is visible from the highway. 

Location 1 can be accessed by taking 422 east to Wyomissing Blvd then make left onto Park Road. Turn into TGI Fridays parking lot and park near bank. Pictures can be taken from Park Road bridge or better at the foot bridge near First Union Bank in RV parking area. Photo's are inaccessible from rear of parking lot.  

Location 2 can be accessed by making right at 5th and Penn Ave going away from 422 bypass then go around circle and straight on Tulpehocken St. out to end of street. CP Leisey (high line) is right there. The lower portion of CP Leisey is accessed by making right onto 5th Streen at Penn Ave and at circle continue right onto Buttonwood St then left into parking lot right before going under tracks. Proceed up about 50 yards to CP Leisey 

Location 3 is accessed by taking a left on 3rd Street from Penn Ave going west to Chestnut street. Make left and go to end then make a right. At the very end of the fence you can climb up bank and get to tracks. 

See map for directions.

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