CP West Laurel

Overall Ratings

Train Density - 3

Accessibility - 3

Photo Opportunities - 3

CP West Laurel, located just 1/2 mile west of CP Laurel, is a unique railfanning location. The main line goes from single to double track at CP West Laurel. The single track runs from CP West Laurel to CP Blandon where double track resumes. Since there are many grade crossings east of CP Blandon, NS elects to stop eastbound traffic at either CP Belt or CP West Laurel to allow traffic to pass on the single track. As shown in the above photo (taken from the west side of the tracks), trains sitting at CP West Laurel allow for some unique photo opportunities.

On any given day you would expect to see approx. 40 trains past CP West Laurel. From personnel experience, and review of the train schedule, about half of all trains running past CP West Laurel run after dark. Early morning can yield a good concentration of train density. Photo opportunities before noon are best from the east side of the tracks (route 222 side). 

Mornings offer good photo opportunities for both east and westbound traffic from the east side of the tracks. The early afternoon offers some good train density at CP West Laurel however the photo opportunities are limited to westbound traffic (see photo above). Late afternoon allows for both eastbound and westbound traffic to be photographed from the west side of the tracks. 

The west side access to CP West Laurel is located off of Water Street between route 61 and route 222 in Muhlenberg, Pa. Make right just before going under railroad bridge when on Water street going from route 61 to route 222. The large concrete abutment on left is where path leads to CP West Laurel.

The east side access is located 1/2 block south of Water street at Ford dealer. Turn right on Dairy Street off of route 222. Make next left then a right to back of auto body shop. Signal tower is right there. See map for directions.

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