CP Wyomissing Jct

Overall Ratings

Train Density - 4

Accessibility - 4

Photo Opportunities - 4


CP Wyomissing Jct is approx. 3 miles west of CP Tulp east and is where trains from the Reading Line, Harrisburg Line, and Reading Yard converge. It is probably the most popular railfanning location in the Reading area due to it's high accessibility from public property, large number of photo opportunities, and high train density.  CP Wyomissing Jct  offers good photo opportunities in the morning from the south side of the tracks (shown above) for both east and west bounds and from mid day on for westbounds. 

On any given day you would expect to see approx. 50 trains past CP Wyomissing Jct. Many eastbound trains are held at CP Wyomissing Jct to allow westbound trains to pass over the single connecting track thus allowing for unique photo opportunities. 

Location 1 (the west end of CP Wyomissing Jct) is accessible at the Philadelphia Hero parking lot on route 422 business exit. In the evenings you are likely to see a large number of railfans congregate in this parking lot. 

Location 2 can be accessed by pulling into the Wyomissing Family restaurant and going up dirt access road in back of parking lot (should be obvious). 

Location 3 can be accessed by going east from location 1 on 422 to Wyomissing Blvd then making left. At next light (right after going under tracks) make a hard right up road next to tracks (Glen-Gery Brick). An opening right at signal tower is the spot. 

Location 4 is a little tricky. You need to proceed east from location 1, go through Wyomissing Blvd intersection and make hard left at post office. Go past Gold's gym and make right on dead end road to stone wall. Climb up bank and walk appox. 50 yards to big signal bridge.  

See map for directions.

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